Friday, December 01, 2006

Not actually on task

I'm actually supposed to be comparing Apocalypse Now with Heart of Darkness for AP lit, but I don't feel like it. Just because I opted out of actually watching it in class. All I actually have to do is read a summary of Apocalypse Now so I can participate in discussions about it. But my microscopic attention span has brought me back to my blog. This is my first serious post. It's not a story or fun poem-ish attempt. This is probably as close to having a journal as I'll ever get. Except nothing ever majorly awesome happens to me. Oh well. Whenever I start getting depressed about my lack of adventure, I just ask myself that if I had to choose between a fight to the death with a clan of ninjas (which I would of course lose. Even my impressive and numerous skills couldn't defeat an entire clan of ninjas), and carrying on with my adventureless life, and I choose life. It's not like my life is boring or anything. It's just that nothing ever happens that is really cool. Like having two monster trucks crash into each other right in front of my neighbor's house (I'd say my own house, but then the debris might cause property damage). I wish that I would get called to go on a quest with a handful of my companions like in LOTR. But it's not gonna happen and I've accepted this. Besides from what I read in the books, those Ringwraiths have some major halitosis. But my life is pretty sweet. I have some awesome friends, and we have fun. That's all you really need.
On another, less listless (is that proper English?) note, seminary was fun this morning. It actually could have been a pretty spiritual lesson had it not happened on a Friday when my internal tank of reverence was running on empty. But it was fun. I feel bad when my moter prepares a good lesson and i ruin it by being rambunctious. But my guilt was neutralized by the fact that my mom ws almost as irreverent than me.
I have a new band to add to my list of Favorites. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus is amazing. They are made even more amazing by the fact that they're amazing AND a Screamo band. It definitely take Uber-skill to be an amazing Screamo band.
I wish I could write more, but I'm only in first period. Nothing else has happened today. However if anything does, I'll try and post it tomorrow on the off chance that someone actually cares. To pass the next two or so minutes I have before I have to return to class, I'll predict the rest of my day: I will go to Chemistry and be bored while we take notes as a class. Then I'll go to Modern American Studies and have fun with 3 unnamed friends while my teacher makes us do somethigng relatively engaging. The fun I have with my friends will not have anything to do with what we're doing in class. That's just how it goes. Then I'll go sing in Choir. Then I'll eat lunch with some more friends, probably not at school. I'll return to school and go to math, and be bored. French will follow, where we will take a test and them mess around. Afterwards I will go weight-lift, and then I will finish making up a test for math that i missed last week. The I will go home, and chill for a bit. I'll probably end up at a friend's house till eleven o'clock. Then I'll go to bed.


Anonymous said...

Hey, will you explain what "kwonched" means? I think I like it, although I don't even know what it means! Duhn duhn duh! Your blog is gorgeous; how did you get such a sweet background?

It sounds like you predicted your day rather well. I'd say your psychic. :) You write really well; I like what you said about your reverence tank being on empty. That was an awesome day in seminary! See ya.


Seussero said...

I have now explained Kwonched.