Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas to all!

And another Christmas is fast departing. The takings were quite good this year. Clothes, shoes, an amazing new watch, and many other items of desire were bequeathed to me this year. But that's not why we celebrate christmas, is it? Of course not. I've been having a blast among several assorted relatives. We've played games, talked, and watched various christmas specials.
The Birth of my saviour is, of course the real reason this holiday is celebrated, and it's been in my mind a lot lately (obviously, 'tis the season). Now more than ever do I realize that Christ is real, that he lives, and that he is my redeemer. The gift that he gave me millenia ago is more precious than any I recieved this year or years past. I don't use it or appreciate it half as much as I should, and this inspires guilt within myself every so often when I'm feeling thoughtful and spiritual (a combination I try to avoid, thusly it occurs fairly rarely).
For example, I'm out of reverence so I'm going to move on the a lighter-hearted subject. I have been reading a book that is composed of blogs by a friend of my Mother's. It's called The Broken Arms, and it's by a dude called Tolkein Boy. I'm really enjoying it, and it has inspired me to abuse my blog more.
So I ordered several presents on the internet for assorted friends and relatives, and it has yet to arrive. Consequently, a select group of people didn't recieve presents from me yet. Hopefully it'll come tomorrow so I can dispense the tardy presents Before I depart for Utah.
I got te COOLEST watch for Christmas. It has a tri-color display. It's awesome and i live it. And that's mymaterial attachment confession for the day.
Seeing as my attention-spanometer is reading jsut above 0, I'll jsut express my gratittude for ten thigs and get off. Love you all!
1. Cool Watches
2. Awesome new shoes
3. Fountain pens
4. Remote controls
5. Rat-sized dogs
6. Good reading material
7. Star Wars
8. Chocolate
9. Huge drifts of snow
10. Music
Keep it happy!

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