Friday, December 22, 2006

Walking in a winter wonderland....NOT

And the snow fell. and fell. and fell and fell and fell. This is one Winter wonderland that you do NOT want to have to walk through. The snow is at least 2 feet thick in most parts, thicker in some. Walking is not a fun option.
On a completely unrelated note, we dicided to do some last minute christmas shopping in Cheyanne on wednesday, despite the fact that there was a monstrous blizzard barfing snow all over the place. And we made it there, though the journey was long and perilous. Then the all-important questions was asked: "What should we do for lunch?" I thought that we should just hit the Wendy's drive through and go to the mall. But nooooooooo, everyone else wanted to go eat a long luch at Applebees. So we did. And lo and behold, as we partook of our lunch, all the stores in teh world closed for the storm, and the highways closed as well. So we all had a slumber party at my aunt's house.The next day, we got most our shopping done (although it took my mother untill 3:00 pm to get ready to leave), and came home, arriving at about 9:00.
But I'm getting some pretty awesome new shoes for Christmas, and managed to find a gift for my impoosible to buy for mother.
How hard is it to make a quesodilla? Obviously it's hard enough for Rachel Ray to have to show us on the food channel. Which brings me to a related subject. My Uncle is trying to plan a local family cooking night sometime in the near future, and decided that we all had to choose the names of chefs on tv form it. My chosen name is Ming Tsai. And it is the most awesome cooking name EVER! that's all.
I have suddenly been hit my the hard reality that all my senior firends are graduationg this year, and consequently will be gone next year. It has inspired me to write a poem called Season's End. It's still in draft form, but when it's done I'll post it.
Speaking of poems, Here's one sent to me by a good friend. She didn't write it. but I thought that it was fitting, considering the condition of everything outside.
Why I Love Wyoming at Christmas

When it's Christmas in Wyoming
And the gentle breezes blow
About seventy miles an hour
And it’s twenty two below
You can tell you're in Wyoming
'Cause the snow's up to your butt
You take a breath of Christmas air
And your nostrils both freeze shut
The weather here is wonderful
So I guess I'll hang around
I could never leave Wyoming
My feet froze to the ground!

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