Monday, December 11, 2006


My hopes high, I approach you
A smile dances across my face
But you, you look straight through me,
You don't see me at all.
I am transparent, I'm nothing
To you I'm not even there.
Why talk to nothing?
My hopeful greetings miss you ears,
Blow right past on the breeze of your indifference to me.
You see others, you greet them
With shouts, and smiles, and hugs.
Others see my, hail me,
Acknowledge me as your eyes
slide over and skip me.
While to others I have a place,
To you I'm just empty space,
You can't look me in the face.
Why don't I just quit,
Just leave you alone?
My tries are futile, I'm a mosquito
Trying to drink from a stone.
Still I attempt to draw one sip
Of your attention, your affection.
As you gaze on the painting of people around you,
Where I am, there's a rip.
But that's okay, because that's all you give about me.
Each day you pass by,
and unseen, still I try
To become visible to you.
I want to be a neon light amid the signs that are your friends.
But right now, in your mind,
I'm invisible.

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