Saturday, December 02, 2006

You've been Kwonched!

It is bitterly cold on the home front. It has been frigid outside all week. But I have found a new hero to combat the evil forces of Frostiness. And this hero is known as THE AMAZING FLEECE SWEATSHIRT! I got it last Christmas and it has been hanging in my closet ever since. I pulled it out last night. It is the most amazing piece of clothing I own. I never want to take it off. It's soft, and fuzzy and (most importantly) warm! Also, as of last night, I have decided to wear warm and awesome hats everywhere.
In case anyone was wondering, all of my predictions for yesterday came true. And I ACED my math test.
It has been brought to my attention that the name of my blog is somewhat of an enigma. As you can see above, I call my blog Kwonched! The origin of this word is nothing special, and the meaning of it has no significance either. I have in my impressive vocabulary several words that I have made-up over the course of my life. Kwonch is one of them. I came up with it as I was contemplating the cereal known as Cap'n Crunch. My thought process is rather bizarre sometimes, and somehow the words morphed into Captain Kwonch. I immediately fell in love with kwonch and added it to the Freakin' Awesome Gibberish section of my vocabulary. Also in that section are Sazoshodok and Clampu. I reserve these words for use when a I need a word that I can't think of to describe something. I couldn't think of a title for my blog, and so I turned Kwonch into a verb, and my title was born. To be Kwonched! is to be hit by something completely random and incredible. As I am both of these things, my blog is also. Thusly, anyone who visits my blog gets Kwonched! I hope this has cleared up any questions certain anonymous people have left in my comments.
Oh yeah, and for anyone who cares, I made my awesome blog template with a website. The link is at the bottom of the page.
In closing, here is an example of how cold it is outside:

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