Friday, December 08, 2006

An Ode to Thursday

Ah, Thursday, thou dost walk among
The fair days of the week.
Of all the school days I endure,
It's Thursday that I seek.
How do I love thee?
Pray, allow me,
Let me count the ways.
I will now eloquently praise
this fairest of weekdays:
Thursday follows Wednesday,
Thus the school week's nearly done.
You bring us the anticipation
Of Friday and his fun!
While Thursday's not a block day
Stil, the classes move by fast.
I love the Thursday present,
Thursdays Future, Thursdays Past!
While this Thursday neither starts, nor ends
The days on which school we attend
It is the day to whom I send
Affection that will ever last!

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lilitron said...

Ha! I finally figured out HOW to leave a comment! I love you Chris!! Tou are so creative! And make me laugh! I have a blog now! Can't remember the link... I figure that out too, and het it to ya!! hugs!!Your bestest girl-friend, Keish