Sunday, March 30, 2008

I'm not prophet, or a deep thinker. This is just how I see it.

Our bodies are only as old as our birthdays tell us. But our souls, our spirits, had to come from somewhere. We had a lot going on before we came down here to earth, and this is just a small part of what we're going to end up doing. But I want to talk about what happened before we came here. We all were together doing things and learning as a big family for a really long time. We had a father, who we now call God. I'm sure we had a mother. And we had older siblings, and younger siblings. But there were two brothers who were around first, and we loved them. The second oldest was Lucifer. He was amazing, and we looked up to him and he loved his younger siblings and taught us and helped us. And then there was Jehovah. He was the eldest, the first born, and we loved him too. He was amazing. He was kind, and wise, and we all wanted to be just like him someday. Jehovah and Lucifer were great friends as well as brothers, and they both loved helping their family, especially their younger siblings. Eventually, we were all ready for the next big part of our lives, our destinies. And our father took his eldest sons, our big brothers, and told them: "You two are my most trusted sons, the ioldest and wisest of my children. Our family is ready for a new chapter in life, and it's time for my children to move out and get ready to have their own families. But it's going to be hard, and they aren't going to remember this life they have now. So I want you two to come up with a way to help them, because I know you love them, and that you will be able to make sure they have what they need to succeed." So the two brothers went to brainstorm. And as brothers will, soon a small quarrel sprang up.
"Jehovah, I don't like this plan." Lucifer was a little confused. "It's pretty hard. Can't we make it any easier?" Jehovah smiled in that kind understanding, wise sort of way.
"Lucifer, we've got to trust our brothers and sisters. Mom and Dad have taught them a lot. This as much as we can do." Lucifer looked at his brother, and a thread of frustration started to weave itself into his heart.
"Jehovah, this plan makes it so they might not make it where they should be." Jehovah's smile didn't leave. "Jucifer, we have to give them choices. That's part of why they're going." new threads of anger wormed their way into the tapestry weaving in Lucifer's heart.
"Well I think we can make it easier." and with that, he left.

End part one


Sully said...

It's a beautiful story, huh? It's one of the richest of our religious heritage. I think Mormon beliefs about the origin of mankind are so provoking. I especially like the idea that Satan is he who wants to make sure that all of us are saved. It's an odd, albeit beautiful, idea. I think it explains why Mormons hate communism, among other things.

I wanted to ask you--do you believe in this story as truth? Archetypal truth? Mythology? What are your beliefs?

lilitron said...

wow. This is a beautiful and very insightful way to think about the same story.
I like how this is your retelling as you understand it. I think that really shows a lot what you've learned, and even how it's affected your personal life. It helped me know you even more. I love you.