Thursday, March 06, 2008


I let go
finally able to unclench my fingers
out of the death grip with which I was
desperately clinging to that last,
impossibly thin thread
of hope.
and now I fall, fall, fall,
and I hurt so bad
that I don't even get to enjoy
the thrill and rush
I can't even notice the wind
whistling, screaming in my ears.
I hurt so bad that
when I hit the ground
and shattered, I barely noticed
because I was already
so broken when I let go.
What's a little more pain?
So here I am,
laying in a pile of debris,
a scattered collection
of shattered me.
hurting. a lot.
but at least now
I'm actually broken.
and since I'm finally broken
I can start putting my pieces
back together.
No more
waiting to be broken.
I'm there.

1 comment:

lilitron said...

I love you. Don't forget that!