Friday, April 04, 2008

Part 2

Jehovah's plan was soon done. And so a great meeting was held, in which our Father told us our time had come to go out and grow up, because we had reached a point where we could go no further living with our parents. He asked Jehovah for his plan, and our brother presented it.
"We're going to a new, physical world, where we will experience a new way of living and do things that we cannot even imagine. We know what we would need to do, but part of the growth we will experience in this new world will involve losing our memories that we have now for just a little while. We will have to learn anew what we must do in order to return to our Father. I'll help and teach as much as I can, and I'll even come down to create the way so we can come back. But all of it will be through our Father, and it will All be because of and for him that we succeed. It will ultimately be up to every single individual person where they end up, and there will be people who do not end up back with our Father to become like Him. Because that's what we're aiming for. That's the reason we're leaving our safe family here, so that we can take the next step to having our own worlds and families. And that glory that we obtain, the glory I will get and every one of my brothers and sisters will attain is our Father's. Truly, the greatness of a parent is measured through the greatness of his children. This is what we must do." Jehovah stepped back, and allowed his plan to sink into everyone's minds. Discussion immediately broke out, and the buzz of voices rumbled out in a haze of sound. A clear voice suddenly broke through.
"I have another way." Lucifer Stepped forward, hoping that his father would grace him with permission to present the plan he believed in with his entire being. Our Father saw trouble coming, but nodded, allowing Lucifer to continue. "Jehovah's plan sends us out blindly, expecting us to wander naked and possibly return back to our family again. How can someone toss a handful of salt into the wind, and then expect to be able to find them all again?" Lucifer's words were encountering a soft current of noise that Jehovah had not. "I too know what must happen, that we must be torn from our safe shelter, our home and family so that we may continue to progress. But why should we be forced to risk the chance that our trials in this new life might be for naught in the end? Why should we go out knowing that we may not be able to come back? Here then, is my plan. I will come to this new world, this Earth, and lead us all back to our father. No one will have to worry about being cut off from our Father and Mother. We will ALL be able to return to progress more with our Master who we love so dearly. And as our leader, I will take us into the new age of progression, a new Physical age. Truly, the greatest parent's success is to see their children surpass them, and I will do that." with those last, stirring words, Lucifer stepped back. The undercurrent of discussion that had been softly accompanying Lucifer's speech immediately grew into a flood of discord. Argument and debate over who was correct broke out. But silence was quickly restored as our kind Father stood, and raised his hand.
"My children, my two eldest sons, your older brothers, have presented 2 plans for you to be allowed to come even closer to myself. I do not tell you that you must choose one or the other, for only one will work. This is not simply a trip, a vacation and test that you may be dragged through. You must be able to choose of yourself, to decide through your own actions whether you will return to me. Though it pains me to do this, and i know that some of you will not come home to me, I must send you out with that chance. Jehovah has truly devised a wise plan that allows you to do exactly what you must to prepare for a physical, immortal life." He sat, having given his judgment, and the tidal wave of dissension sprang back up. Lucifer sat, stunned that his Father, his kind, wise Father whom he knew LOVED his children, would allow them to be lost.

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Sully said...

The thing that I love about this part of Mormon theology is the importance it places on choice and on the individual's ability to find truth. It is such a beautiful thought--that the most important thing to God is our ability to choose in the midst of much gray.

However, I find it odd that Lucifer becomes Satan in Mormon theology because he wants to guarantee that everyone makes it back to the loving embrace of God. Sure, his plan may have been wrong, but is it evil? I don't think so at all. It sounds like he was afraid of the risk, afraid of the sorrow that would inevitably come when some children did not return. For him to become the very epitome of evil, the being in whom all malice is embodied, is an extrapolation that I cannot make from someone whose intent was to save all of God's children. This, of course, is just my opinion. I'd love to know yours.

I'm excited for the successive parts. Good luck with the war scene.