Thursday, March 27, 2008

A complimentary Rant

I'm annoyed. This isn't a poem, so if that's why you read my blog, you can skip this post, because it's a rant (I only say this because I like to pretend there's more than 5 people who know about my blog and more than one person who reads it regularly. If there does happen to be a ghost reader that I don't know about, it'd make my day if you'd give me a shout out...). Anyways, here's what's up. I'm am one of those chosen few people in this world who regularly gives out SINCERE compliments. If I like someone's hair, or clothes, or something they did, I actually tell them. Shocking, I know. But something has happened to our society when it comes to compliments, and it bugs the crap out of me. Nobody seems to be able to accept compliments, at least from me. It seems like whenever I tell someone I like their hair or their work, they have to tell me exactly why I'm wrong. I don't like being wrong, and in my eyes, I wasn't when i gave the compliment, and just because you told me how crappy the hair I thought looked nice is, doesn't mean I don't still think it looks nice, it just means that I'm kind of mad that you called me stupid. I'm not saying that EVERYONE reacts this way, but there seem to be more people who don't want to accept the compliment than people who do. Or, if they don't argue with me, they just say "thanks" in a confused, "how on earth could that guy be so blind as to think I looks nice today..." kind of way. And even if that's not what they intend, that's the message they send. For example, today I told a friend I thought she looked nice today. She wasn't dressed up, in fact she was wearing sweats and a T-shirt. But she looked nice. It's not like she looked like she'd just gotten out of bed, and i liked her hair. But of course, she had to point out the fact that she wasn't wearing fancy clothes and that she'd slept in this morning. So for future reference, if I give a compliment, that's exactly what i meant to give you. So take the warm fuzzy feeling of accomplishment or satisfaction that comes with it and enjoy it. And try to give your own SINCERE compliments more often. Maybe if it becomes a little more common, people as a whole will start believing that we actually mean the compliments we give again.

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lilitron said...

thank you. I will give out more compliments, and be a better recipient as well!