Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Night, enter, creep and cascade
descend down steps of dusk
and embrace your kingdom.
Live, night.
Inhale the illuminations,
the blaze of light
distinguishing day.
Breathe out blacks and blues
release your stars,
and grant the glow
of Mother Moon to
the aural outlines
and shadows, silhouettes
demons and rulers,
gods of the night,
those that would be but
mundane by day, by reality.
Enter, dreams, fantasy and
myth. Real reality retreats, and
that which is and can only be real
by starlight rules.
Dare, dream, imagine and see
possibilities destroyed by day,
sucked dry by sun, now explode
into imagined truth, truth only imagined,
but still true. For
now is night, now is life
that cannot be in awakening hours,
but is now. Nocturnal nocturne,
vital lullaby, sing to life
lies now true and dreams now real.
We are now, we are in night,
and in night,
Day, is but the dream.

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