Thursday, July 17, 2008


If all the stars in the night sky were suddenly gone
I'd still always see them twinkling in your eyes.
If every note of every song, if all music up and evaporated into thin air
I'd still hear the most beautiful melody in the world every time I heard you laugh.
If the sun went out and the moon left, and every light on earth burnt out
All I'd ever need is your smile to light my world.
If every blanket, coat, jacket, or sweater disappeared
It wouldn't matter because your embrace, your hand in mine would be warm enough on the coldest night I could ever see.
They say that Heaven is everything beautiful and good in this world.
But if every beautiful, good thing in this world were gone, as long as I still had you I'd be in Heaven.
A flower lasts a day.
A jewel can last forever.
But you, you last for right now, and right now
I will always be in Heaven.

1 comment:

lilitron said...

wow. you get more amazing at poetry every day. I love you