Sunday, August 24, 2008

Treasure Hunt

I call your name
I seek you out
hunt desperately for you
and find
mile after mile after
between us
billions of potential footprints
my heart
to yours.
I search other places,
the sunset
that we both see
and feel your heart beat
with mine.
I search a brilliant night sky
and see in it
the reflection
of your eyes.
I search in
the most beautiful melodies
and find your voice, your laugh
calling my name.
I search the wind, the breeze
and find you, your
scent, your perfume, pure
clean, and perfect.
I search the petals of a flower
the velvet touch, so delicate,
and feel your lips, brushing mine
across a billion steps
and in every beautiful
place and thing
I find only you,
and with you I leave
an infinite embrace
a kiss from my soul
and a piece
of my

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