Thursday, April 10, 2008

Part 3

“Wait!” Lucifer’s cry pierced the haze of noise permeating the air, and silence returned. “This cannot be right. You would allow your children to be lost? Father, why would you cast us from you, evict us from you and our mother?” The hurt, the confusion, and the doubt that stormed through Lucifer’s mind erupted from is words. “Please, Father, you cannot be serious.” Love and compassion saturated our Father’s reply.
“Lucifer, my son, if you truly consider this plan, you will see that this is the way things must be.” He stood, and left, signaling the end of the meeting. Lucifer flaed to his rooms, and sobbed, trying with all his might to comprehend how this plan, this new life could possibly be correct. But he couldn’t. It couldn’t not fit into what was right and true in his heart, and he finally came to a conclusion. He sent out word, and later, in private, a new meeting was held.
“Brothers and Sisters,” Lucifer’s soft voice rang out over the crowd before him. “Something has happened to our elder Brother, Jehovah. He has deceived our Father, and somehow he has convinced him that what cannot be right must come to pass. He has convinced our Father to cast us from his presence, and allow us to fall away from him forever. I do not know what evil could have pressed Jehovah to do this. But it has happened, and we must end this sway he has created over our Father and Mother who we love with all our existence.” Cries of agreement, and dissent clashed out. Lucifer restored attention. “I have called you, those whom I trust and know must see this as well, to aid me. We who are assembled number enough to take back Jehovah and cure him of whatever harm grips his mind. I ask you, as more than half the host of Heaven, to rise up with me and cure our Family. Those of you, be there any, who feel you cannot do this, please walk away now, that I may see those loyal to our Father, to our Mother, and begin our plans. Say nothing as you leave, and leave in love.” Many left the meeting there, leaving about one third of the family of God, to plan how they might restore their family and Jehovah…

Soon after the meeting, a host of Children approached Jehovah and their Father, who were in the midst of planning for the new Earth. Lucifer was at their head, and Jehovah came up to meet him.
“Lucifer, what is the meaning of this?” No anger, or annoyance showed in his face, merely confusion, and hurt.
“Jehovah, this is not right, and we cannot allow you to force our Father to cast his own children from him forever.” Lucifer too, was not angry or malignant, and tears poured down his resigned face. “If you come with us now, we will help you, and this can all be repaired.” Jehovah shook his head, and tears shone on his face as he sadly shook his head. “Lucifer, it must be this way.”
“Then we must do what we must to stop it.” He raised his hand, and a throng of souls surged forward to take Jehovah.

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