Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Warning! The doom of childhood approaches!

come, won't you come
take a swim with me
in the crystalline lake of dream
the amnesiatic ambrosia
rinsing away these newly accuired
cares, responsibilities, and stress
a break from carrying the monumental yoke of adulthood
that has replaced the pretend-cape of childhood.
just a short break, take it with me,
let's color, or mold the play-dough of sunny memories
between our newly-"mature" hands.
let the crayons of nostalgia rub against the
construction-paper of still bright youth,
presenting a picture of things that were, happiness,
innocence, with things that are coming, satisfation, responsibility,
and a new bliss completely bleached of all naivite.
Ahhh, what a break that was, a fresh waft of our lives' springs,
quickly dissappearing to be replaced be the dawning summer.
thank you for your company!
now, back to growing up...

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