Friday, September 07, 2007

new song...not about me

A friend of mine had a Really rough day a little while back. And there was this huge storm that night. One thing led to another, and this came out.

The road to life is filled with stones
and glass to cut your heart
the potholes catch and twist my heels
and tear my life apart
sometimes I want to stop and wait
for a bus to run me down
to end it all, to kill the ache
but then it comes around

Rain, rain, sings my name
Weeps drops of hope to numb my pain
a melancholy balm for soul
to heal my heartache, leave me whole

The game of life's a game that's played
by someone on their own.
Sometimes it feels like life is cheating,
I just can't pass go.
I'm Body in the parlor with
the rope, all set to swing.
Again it comes, I hear its words
that shower down, and sing:

Rain, rain, sigh my name,
caress my heart, rinse out my pain.
Weeps crystal tears to hide my own
remind me that I'm not alone.

Come laugh with me
in the rain
Come cry with me
in the rain
Come dance with me
in the rain
We'll fly away... the rain.

Rain, Rain, breathe my name
come shower stars to light the way
to guide me home, grant healing sleep
on bed of cloud, in sky so deep...

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