Wednesday, August 01, 2007

cause it's time for a new song!

don't get too close
you might get burned
just hide within
the lies you've learned
stay safe within illusion sound
don't try to see,
to break new ground

though truth can hurt,
while it can scare
you know it's best,
though it can tear
to see the truth
within your soul
can shred your mind
or leave you whole

accept what's there
or make a change
it's up to you
how life's arranged
but only when
you know what's true
can you be free
to love what's you

so ditch the coward
leave the mask
desert the throng
the hiding mass
accept yourself
and be what's right
acceptence only in your sight
is all for which you
need fight

Let thunder roar
let lightning flash
if you think you see
it's just the mask
it's hard for anyone to be
the them they want for world to see
but if the masks and lies were gone
it be easier to leave them off

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