Sunday, February 01, 2009

My Christmas song (yes, i know it's a little late. Quit whining)

With brand new eyes you look upon the world
as shining new as anything can be.
Yet knowing who you are,
I start to think,
to wonder what it is you really see.
If you can know we'd find all happiness
in thee

Can you know you'd walk on water,
know you'd give the weak ones strength
that the earth and skies would move beneath your feet?
Do you know that from your blood would come
salvation for us all?
Can you know
someday you'd save me?

A tiny babe, born here among the hay,
A tiny babe, yet master of the earth.
Your mother rocks you gently off to sleep,
with infant's love you smile back up at her.
With lowly shepherds standing as your guard,
and angels, joyous, singing of your birth.

Can you know that with your hands
you'd heal a thousand hurt and sick
That you'd calm the storms and cast waves from the sea?
Do you know that when you're grown you'll give
the greatest gift of all?
Can you know
you'll give that gift to me?

In peace you lay, a pearl cast down to swine,
i see you sleep and wonder what you dream.
The kind of dream that only babies know?
Or dreams about the man you'll grow to be?
That as God's son he had a plan for you,
To give your perfect life to set man free?

Can you know that you'd work miracles
that you'd bring the dead to life
That you'd let deaf ears hear, let blind eyes see?
Did you know you'd rise above all men,
then reach down to lift us up?
did you know that you would
set my heart free?

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