Friday, December 12, 2008


Out of nowhere,

from nothing,

unexpected ,

you came down.

You came down

and danced.

Whirling, spinning,

lost and oblivious

to all but the thunder,

the pounding beat that

has captured you entirely.

You exist, you are, but

only in dance do you live

and only in dance can you be.

But this dance that you are,

in its turns and its steps,

is destruction.

The vortex of joy,

of being, that is you,

tears and breaks everything

in it's path.

Still, you dance, you are.

I am caught in the way, and swept

into your song

and all my gaurds, my fears

and my hide-beihnds

are torn apart, removed,

and ever so gently, obliviously

you lift my heart

and take it for your own.

And you dance on

you dance, you ARE


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