Friday, May 02, 2008


I took this trip without a map
Seeing you just in the distance
Blindly hoping that I’d find a path
To you
And you’re finally at the end
But you are just below my reach
So I fall, but how I’ll land
I’ve got no clue
I’m only hoping
I’ll land on my feet
With you

I’m falling
Are you waiting
I’m falling,
falling fast
I’m just falling
Will you catch me?
I’ve been falling since
I fell in love with you

The road of life has brought me
To this crossroads with a cliff
Should I run away
Or should I take the plunge?
And an air of indecision
Crams into the air around me
I breathe in deep
It permeates my lungs
With that one breathe
I close my eyes and jump

And now I’m falling
What’s at the bottom?
I’m falling
I’m falling hard and blind
I’m falling,
Will you try to catch me?
I’m only falling now
Because I fell for you

With wind screaming past my ears
I hear your name
And my pounding heart beats faster
All the same
But pulse it makes
Now isn’t meant for me
Since I met you
Yours is all my heart
Could ever hope to be

I’m falling
Will you catch me
I’m falling
I’m falling
To you

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