Sunday, January 13, 2008


Where did it go?
That old, muted life
stuck in a washed out,
apathetic world
that until now
was best I knew?
Like a once-caterpillar
you've given me wings.
True music, your laugh
lovingly crashed over my ears,
knocking out unknown plugs,
casting out the old-normal muffles
and mumbles, letting velvet life
be heard
My deafness healed,
you've given me song
New colour, your smile
pierced the veil over
mind's windows, blazing,
dazzling, the shutters are opened
and new , vibrant,
I see real Life
I see your eyes, lit
like purest crystal
water, streaming through brightest
light, cast by a brilliant sky
shot with flame and frost
My blindness healed
you've shown me beauty
New touch, the barest
brush of your arm on mine
awakened sleeping limbs,
pins, needles, shocks, tingles
concealed deadness banished.
Silk, your hair flows through
discovering hand, satin
your fingers, clasped in mine
New feeling skin,
you've given me new grasp
New scent, auras envelope,
the wild wind whipped about,
stealing smell off your skin,
surrounding me, banishing
the long-ignored funk of
swift departing first-life,
replacing with reviving
aromas, cleansing, refreshes,
a thousand flowers
could never smell as
beautiful, true perfume
radiates from you.
New, sincere fragrance,
you sent me inhalence of truth.
New life, new emotion,
passion's flame ignited
within my chest, just to the
left. It flares, evaporates
cobwebs and shadows
of watered down feeling
old cheap knock offs
fo the new found
truth. It burns away hidden chains
Freeing me from my impris'ning
cocoon. I spread my wings,
given me by you, though
you don't know it.
Be this a dream? Nay,
far more real is this than
any past experience. This
is no vision. I see from this
view that before was just a
diluted dream, and that you,
You unknowingly have raised
me from slumber. I soar, hope you will
see my flight, see me awake
and perhaps, just perhaps now
I might begin to awaken you too...

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lilitron said...

My goodness! What did this girl do to you?! :)