Friday, January 05, 2007

Why do I suck so bad at life?

I stand against the wall,
not a flower,
an invisible stain on the paint.

Invisible I watch you,
the true flower,
opening you blooms
and showering everyone around you
with your radiance.

I, a mere shadow,
stay back, contentedly
basking in the beautiful
light you give off.
Not a coward.

But a pacifistic admirer
a seed sitting on the rocks
still putting out tender shoots
preparing to break past the
crust of earth, my roof
to my safe zone.

As your beauty and confidence
nourish me, letting me prepare
to expose myself, to take the
plunge into maybe, to go up
and ask my greatest wish,
it ends.

Too late. Too late.
The dances are done,
leaving me in the muck
of my hesitation,
denied my innocent desire:
one dance. One dance
alone with you. Too late.

Too late, my tender roots
shrivel, the seed dries up
and I am once again
waiting. Waiting for the right time
to cast up my own stalk,
and to reveal my own face.

Face you, take the risk.
Let you choose whether
to share your glory with
me for one song, or
to burn me down with your
blazing smile, and scalding

Too late, and all I
can do now,
is wait.

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Anonymous said...

I really like this poem!! You rock my socks!!!-long lost friend in New Mexico;)