Saturday, January 20, 2007

The door

Frozen, I contemplate,
my candle casting out
flickering illumination.
Varnish glistens, wood
grained patterns spiderweb
across its surface, the
rectangular gaurdian of
mystery, unknown. A
brass orb juts from its
middle, a gleaming eye,
staring, mocking, asking,
Do I have the courage to
grasp the ball, to twist, to
push forward and face what
lies beyond the portal? Can
I swing it on its hinges and
expose myself to a yawning
chasm of uncertainty? Where
does it lead? To a warmly lit
chamber, inviting me,
welcoming me, a safe shelter
of peace? To a dungeon of
horrors, cramming my mind
with nightmare, freezing me
with biting chains of doubt
and fear? Perhaps an
unknown world lies behind
this gate, waiting for me
to push forward and discover it.
Wait, I think I might know...
If I open this door, I will find
you, another soul like me,
sitting alone, candlelight wavering,
wondering what waits on the
other side of your door,
gathering the nerve to
investigate, to thrust open
your barrier, and confront
what lies beyond. We sit,
alone,each on their side,
waiting, struggling,
the candle burns down...

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