Friday, February 02, 2007


I imagine that my last post raised some questions, so here's the story that explains it. Every other Friday I have to turn in 10 news questions for my social studies class. I, being the scatterbrained geek that I am, totally spaced out about them, and promptly remembered about them right before lunch. Unfortunately, the computer lab is not open during lunch, so I used a computer in the library. Strangely enough, the computers in the library don't have a convenient word-processing program, so I typed up my questions and published them on my blog, and then printed them. I ended up coping them down by hand, after realizing halfway through math that she might accuse me of just printing random question from a random blog. I planned to delete them after school (as in right now) but now I think i'll let them stay, typos, bad grammar, and all.

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